A Year In Review: SH Consulting Group Reflection Exercise

We are pretty sure everyone is ready to turn the page on the calendar year 2020. 

What a crazy year 2020 was. The world was flipped upside down, our daily lives changed dramatically, and we had to establish new routines.  

Before we fully embrace the shift into 2021, it is important that we take a minute to pause and reflect.

How did we handle this year?

How did we handle it emotionally? Professionally? Personally?

Before we move on to celebrate our accomplishments, it is time to take a moment and process how this year made us feel, so that we can move forward into 2021. We need to reflect in order to determine where we go in 2021.

Take a moment. Pause. Reflect on the following: 

  • What did you accomplish?  (think big AND small )
  • What are the lessons that you learned?
  • What new skills did you gain?
  • How can you self-improve for next year?
  • What was something that you were really passionate about?

Reflection Exercise 

One of the best ways to review the past year is to ask yourself a few questions. These questions should help you dig deeper into what happened last year, so grab a pencil & notepad or copy and paste these questions into a word document and begin the exercise…

  • What was the most important goal that I achieved this year?
  • What did I learn about myself this year?
  • What was the biggest thing I accomplished this year in my career?
  • What new skills or knowledge did I learn this year?
  • What was a mistake that I made this year and what did I learn from it?
  • What was the biggest obstacle I overcame this year?
  • What is one specific thing I learned about myself this year?
  • What was the most fun thing I did this year?
  • What was my favorite memory from this year?
  • What do I want more of next year?
  • What do I want less of next year?
  • What was one time I stood up for myself this year?
  • What am I most grateful for this year?
  • What was my single biggest time-waster of the year?
  • What was the single best time-saving hack I learned this year?

Let’s keep going! Here are some additional fun questions if you’re on a roll….

  • Name the year. 2020 was the year of _______________
  • Name a song that would be your soundtrack for the past year?  ______________
  • Here are three words that would sum up this year: ________   __________  _________

This exercise can be done individually, during a one-on-one meeting, or as a group. It is a fun exercise and a great way for your team to take a look back at everything that you have accomplished and experienced, as you prepare for your year, so we can continue to evolve, stay nimble and improve!