Motiving your employees can be this simple!

In previous blogs, I have discussed the Feed-Forward Approach to motivating employees.  But If you are looking for a simpler and less formal approach, here are some ways that can have a meaningful impact on your employees.

Simple ways to motivate your employees

Motivating your employees, your teammates, and other members of your team do not need to be complicated. Through life experience, along with talking to others, here are some of the top suggestions for informally motivating people.  

  1. Understand their interests and what motivates them in and out of work. Each person is motivated by something different. These factors will most likely change over time, so check on how they develop.
  2. Celebrate small wins and give them immediate recognition for a job well done.  This can be informal or formal.  The important thing is that you let them know that you recognize their contributions and their effort.
  3. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. Share information. Share small bits. Share large bits. Just share. They will probably hear it soon enough, so it is better if they get it directly from you. 
  4. Involve your staff in as many decisions as you can.  Listen to their suggestions. Get their feedback. Discuss changes. They will usually reward you with greater commitment and endeavor.
  5. Encourage them to bring up ideas on how the job can be done better. They are closer to the action then you and will usually have better knowledge of the problems and difficulties. If they wish to change their way of working, give it serious consideration. After all, it is their job you are dealing with. 

Conclusion  Time. Patience. Listening. All of these things together can motivate employees to give their best and to be committed to the organization for the long run.