The Importance of Putting People First

At SH Consulting Group, we believe in putting people first – our clients, their employees and their customers. People are the face of the business, and that is an extremely important factor to remember.

‘Every company, big or small, new or established, successful or failing, is nothing more or less than its people. How people are led and managed — how they are made to feel about their work — is usually the difference between a great company and a bad company’ (Corkindale, G. 2017).

The people-first approach is so important because when you put people first, you have a happier, more engaged and committed workforce.

How do you make your employees know that you are putting their needs first?

  • Listen
  • Communicate
  • Keep Open Lines of Communication
  • Have their Back
  • Work at Building a Team
  • Show Vulnerability
  • Show you are Brave
  • Do Not Micromanage

Why it is important to consider?

As we continue to work and adjust during this global pandemic, it is important to recognize the value of the people that work for us and with us. The value of the people that are in our teams, the people that report to us, and the people that we interact with daily – each of these individuals needs to be recognized as valuable to your business.

The uncertainty that businesses are facing right now is magnified by the pandemic. To overcome this and come out stronger, business owners need to put their employees first. They need to clearly communicate, give recognition, celebrate success and small wins, as well as clearly define expectations. Employers need to actively listen and let employees know that they are being heard. Without this, companies will fail.

What is the impact of implementing these practices?

More empowered employees help deliver better value to their customers, to their work and to the entire organization as a whole. Putting people first provides a competitive advantage for the business, as well as helps develop a stronger brand reputation because employees feel valued.

When you put your people first, productivity follows and great customer experience is delivered (Corkindale, G. 2017).  The most successful businesses are the ones that put their people first. 


Corkindale, G. 2017. Put People First. Harvard Business Review.