Operations and HR Advising for Small Businesses

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Eliminate Inefficiency

Boost Team Morale

Grow Your Business

Are your processes feeding your bottom line or keeping your team stuck?

Is your small business experiencing:

  • Growing pains associated with scaling your business
  • A struggle to attract and retain the talent you need to grow your business
  • Ineffective processes that don’t work for your growing team
  • Bottlenecks, mistakes, miscommunications that waste time and resources
  • Negative effects on customer experience

It can be overwhelming to manage both your people and processes.

But the fact is that you need both to operate smoothly in order for your business to grow.

Let's find the solutions that will grow your business.

With over a decade of experience working with small businesses, we can help you align your people and processes so your business can thrive by:

  • Improving your operational process flow
  • Getting your teams to collaborate effectively
  • Happier customers and healthier bottom line
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We'll develop a customized improvement plan for your business.


We'll implement your plan and watch your business transform.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Steve Dainard

Mortgage Architects Stephanie is a consummate professional. She is a great communicator and really listens to learn. She has wonderful small business insight and experience through a family business. Stephanie is a great asset to the Niagara business community.

Theresa Sawchuk

Team Elite Home Services Having worked along side Stephanie, her skills at organizing, fact finding and attention for minute details are part of her DNA. Her energy, adaptability, innate compassion, emotional intelligence, trustworthiness makes Stephanie the perfect professional you want at your side to guide your business to the next level. Highly recommend!!

Brad Moore

Giant Shoe Creative Stephanie brought her expertise into a first-time process for our company and walked us through each step with ease. What could have been a very confusing process was handled with compassion and care. Definitely recommend.

Why Should You Hire a Business Consultant?

  • If your business is in transition, and you need support with change management
  • If you’re looking to expand or diversify your business
  • You’re trying to bring about change in a “we’ve always done it this way” culture
  • If you’re a family business bringing on new employees
  • If you’re trying to keep up with an evolving industry
  • If you need to have difficult conversations with teams and don’t know where to start

Stop wasting time and resources on a process that isn't working.

When you work with SH Consulting Group, we’ll help you implement solutions that:
1) Cultivate healthier teams who work more efficiently
2) Better analyze your processes so you can continually improve
3) Serve your customers better and grow your business

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