Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde: Resume Falsification in Hiring

In the world of hiring, it’s not uncommon to come across two drastically different resumes from the same candidate. While one paints a picture of an ideal employee, the other raises questions and concerns. This phenomenon brings to mind the classic tale of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. But what’s truly happening when you receive such contrasting resumes?

Believe it or not, according to a recent survey, a staggering 58% of hiring managers have encountered resume falsification. This means that a significant number of candidates are willing to go to great lengths to present themselves as the perfect fit for a position, even if it involves bending the truth.

So, what does a divergent resume look like? It typically involves two versions of the same candidate’s qualifications. One resume showcases an impressive track record of experience, skills, and accomplishments. The other, however, seems far less remarkable, possibly even questionable.

This is where the Human Resources department comes into play. HR professionals are well-versed in identifying these discrepancies and ensuring that the candidates who make it to the interview stage are who they claim to be. But why is this task so crucial?

The Case of Sarah

Let’s consider a real-life scenario involving Sarah, a candidate for a management position in a reputable company. Her initial resume painted a picture of an ideal manager with extensive experience, glowing recommendations, and impressive achievements. But something didn’t add up.

Upon closer inspection, HR noticed that her references couldn’t confirm the accomplishments listed on her resume. They conducted a thorough background check and uncovered that some of her claims were indeed false. Sarah had exaggerated her achievements to secure the job.

Sarah’s case illustrates the significance of HR in the hiring process. Without a vigilant HR team, her false qualifications might have gone unnoticed, and she could have been hired based on dishonesty. In a scenario like this, not only does the company suffer due to a potentially unqualified hire, but it also creates a moral dilemma for the candidate.

As we navigate the hiring landscape, it’s essential to remember that not every resume is what it seems. HR professionals play a critical role in ensuring that candidates are evaluated fairly and accurately. So, when you come across resumes that resemble Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, remember the importance of HR in uncovering the truth and making informed hiring decisions.